John D. Lamond / Catherine Scott


In our latest podcast we pay tribute to ozploitation pioneer John Lamond who died after a long illness on October 24.

A colorful character who was always good for a one-liner such as, “I’m told I treat women like a sex object. I suppose it’s true because I ask for sex – and they object.” or " Are you a poofter or a perv?"

A self-taught filmmaker who learnt on the job at Roadshow, he honed his skills as the natural showman that he was, directing several highly profitable sex comedies in the wake of the R-rated Bedroom Mazurka and Alvin Purple. Mark Hartley has assembled a 90 minute extended interview (not previously heard), together with music cues and sound bites.

Alan Finney remembers the rough and tumble Roadshow days, where Lamond was making a damned good attempt at emulating hero Roger Corman. Working Dog's Michael Hirsh recalls a man he was proud to call a mentor, working in various capacities on his movies, and Mark talks about his friendship with him and Not Quite Hollywood, which did a lot to revive his reputation, and acknowledge his contribution to Australian cinema history.





Catherine Scott

Catherine has been making documentaries, and she is here to tell you that it’s not getting any easier. More power to her, and her splendid documentary feature Backtrack Boys, which is playing at 60 screens across Australia. Making docos is not for the faint hearted and requires great sacrifice and dogged determination. One-off documentaries may well be an endangered species in the present cultural climate, but she's brought off a minor miracle with her new film, an audience fave at Melbourne and Sydney Film Festivals earlier this year.