Russell Mulcahy / Greg Dee / Stephen Vagg


Director Russell Mulcahy was born June 23, 1953, in Melbourne. He talks about his 40-year plus career including directing over 400 music videos for artists such as Elton John, Duran Duran, The Buggles and Bonnie Tyler.

Well known for feature films, including Derek And Clive Get The Horn, Razorback, Highlander and his recently completed Australian feature In Like Flynn, he talks eloquently and carefully composes his thoughts sometimes to outrageous degrees.


Russell Mulcahy on Hey Hey It’s Saturday (March 1984)

Greg Dee, former manager of Channel 31, talks about his years at Swinburne film school and his trailblazing short "George and Needles"

Our Los Angeles correspondent Stephen Vagg talks about Monsterpalooza, discusses his favourite movie podcasts, and takes issue with the recently published list of the 100 best Australian movies of all time .


Stephen Vagg

Stephen Vagg