Julian Costanzo / Sara Edwards / Kevin Trask

Rose Banks and Yvette 'Etty' Kelly

Rose Banks and Yvette 'Etty' Kelly

In the latest Film Buffs Podcast, Julian Costanzo (Producer) and Sara Edwards (Editor), discuss the making of Gatwick : Last Chance Hotel.

For almost 50 years the sisters worked at the Gat, taking over after the deaths of their parents, Maltese immigrants who bought the place – then a ''gentleman's hotel'' – in 1972.

With no government subsidies, they quietly dedicated their lives to housing long-term residents and those who pay by the night, many rejected from other rooming houses. Old-age pensioners, drug addicts, sex workers and the mentally ill. The Gat was the last stop for the city's disenfranchised.

The documentary is screening on the ABC, on Tuesday, November 27, 9.20pm.

Julian Costanzo

Julian Costanzo


Kevin Trask

Kevin has been under the spell of movies since scoring a job in a Hoyts suburban theatre, and is enthusiastic about all areas of show business. As an interviewer he has spoken with the likes of Tab Hunter, Jerry Lewis, Debbie Reynolds, Joan Leslie, John Raitt, James McArthur, Kathryn Grayson and the list goes on, in this free ranging conversation.



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