Jill Bilcock / Jane Fonda


Jill Bilcock

In the latest Film Buffs Podcast, Mark Hartley and Paul speak with the Swinburne film school graduate who entered the film industry at a time when women struggled to gain a substantial foothold. Through sheer tenacity and talent, she established herself as an in-demand and highly respected editor, working with director Baz Luhrmann on his "Red Curtain Trilogy", plus directors like Fred Schepisi (Evil Angels), P.J.Hogan, (Muriel's Wedding) and Sue Brooks (Japanese Story). Her credits outside Australia include The Libertine, Elizabeth (1998) and Road To Perdition.

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Jane Fonda

The veteran actress is the subject of a feature documentary, Jane Fonda In Five Acts. Paul and Gary Hillberg discuss the twists and turns of her screen achievements. Famous as an outspoken antiwar activist, feminist role model, aerobics entrepreneur and daughter of an American screen icon, but raised in a dysfunctional family.





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