50th Podcast: Brendan Young and Burt Reynolds


Happy 50th Podcast!

Brendan Young grew up in inner-city Brunswick and was movie-struck at an early age making short films starring Nick Giannopoulos. He lived next door to Byron Kennedy's family. Byron is a legend of the Australian film industry, partnering with Dr. George Miller to found the Kennedy-Miller production company, but dying prematurely in a helicopter accident in 1983. One thing led to another and Brendan was offered an acting role in the original Mad Max. He was a witness to the chaos and energy of that landmark film and was more determined than ever to find a foothold in the industry. He successfully applied for a place in the Australian Film And Television and Radio School where one of his shorts Wild Planet, an ambitious comedy sci-fi thriller, was personally championed by the recently deceased Pierre Rissient, longtime Cannes selector and legendary cineaste.

His CV includes a diverse range of documentaries, music videos,commercials and short films but no features despite several false starts.

Returning to his hometown after a 30-year sojourn in Sydney, Brendan has completed a 'proof of concept' 30-minute short film, The Widow starring Daniela Farinacci, as a middle-aged Sicilan widow. It’s set in 1965 against the background of the Mafia's involvement in the Melbourne fruit and produce markets. His eventual plan is to shoot a feature version, possibly as an Australian-Italian co-production.


Burt Reynolds Tribute

Mark Hartley and Paul, with the help of guest Brendan, pay tribute to Burt Reynolds, a prolific actor who reached the apex of his popularity only to see it slip from his grasp. Always affable he was often compared to Cary Grant as a romantic leading man, but his most commercially successful films were a series of good-ole-boy action comedies that began with Smokey And The Bandit (1987). Misguided loyalty to his former stuntman turned director buddy Hal Needham, meant that he passed on some prestigious work offers (Cuckoo's Nest,Terms Of Endearment)