Episode 98 - Cinerama / Dave Strohmeier


Paul and Rob (Bert) Murphy host a Cinerama special talking with Hollywood editor Dave Strohmeier

Episode 97 - American Conservative Politics on Screen


American conservative politics on screen (The Loudest Voice - The Family)

History of Spanish cinema (Barrie Pattison) 

Episode 96 - Special On Aussie Film History


Unmade Cinesound projects: career profile: Ron Randell

Episode 95 - Once Upon A Time In Yarraville


Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - David Del Valle & Mark Hartley

Kriv Stenders - Danger Close: The Battle Of Long Tan (career interview)

Episode 94 - Hollywood Film Music - Aretha Franklin - Alan Elliot


Composer, arranger, orchestrator and producer Alan Elliot, takes us through Aretha Franklin's Amazing Grace project and a wide-ranging discussion on pop-jazz movie music.

Episode 93 - The Entertainer - Margaret Talbot


Stephen Vagg and Paul look at the prolific career of the Hollywood actor - from contract player at Warners to working with Ed Wood.

Episode 92 - Dogmilk - Keith Looby


Melbourne based film collective Dogmilk.

Sean Murphy, producer of Looby - a feature documentary on the controversial Australian artist, Keith Looby.

Episode 91 - Don Bridges


One of Australia's most prolific jobbing actors with a CV that spans over 50 years of film, TV and stage. Everything from Houseboat Horror to Romper Stomper and Quigley Down Under.

Episode 90 - Documentary Special


Alison James (Judas Collar)

Peter Medak (The Ghost of Peter Sellers)

Episode 89 - Emerging Short Filmmakers


Benn Jae - Lucy Knox - Abbie Pobjoy

Episode 88 - Richard Lowenstein - Barrie Pattison


Richard Lowenstein, director of the Michael Hutchence doco 10 years in the making.

Barrie Pattison talks about Hollywood's 1926-27 sound revolution.

Episode 87 - Jukebox Musicals / Daniel Knight


Gary and Peter investigate the history of this fashionable movie sub-genre.

Interview with filmmaker Daniel Knight who spent 15 years making his comedy fantasy Troll Bridge with the blessing of author Terry Pratchett.

Episode 86 - Nick Barkla / Andre Previn


Actor turned director Barkla, talks about his new project The Healing documentary and his days working with Steppenwolf.

A tribute to composer/conductor Andre Previn.

Episode 85 - Josh Zammit / Peter Gurbiel


Aussie short filmmakers discuss their work, artistic strategies and career ambitions.

Episode 84 - Dany Cooper


One of Australia's most respected film editors talks about her career in film, TV and documentary.

Episode 83 - Dylan Blowen / Aussie Film History


Dylan is an American expatriate documentary film producer residing in Australia since 2002.

Mark Hartley and Stephen Vagg discuss the projects that got away or languished in developmental hell.

Episode 82 - David Thomas


Technical Manager at Melbourne International Film Festival since 1986, David talks projection and his adventures in film.

Episode 81 - Sven Libaek


From the archives, a rare interview with the Norwegian-born composer who studied at Julillard in New York, and has been a major force in mood music and scoring for film and TV, as well as producing one of the most famous ever Surf  instrumentals, Bombora by The Atlantics (1963). He talks about how Noah Taylor introduced Libaek's music to director Wes Anderson on The Life Aquatic.

Episode 80 - David Sornig


Author of Blue Lake, a fascinating history of Dudley Flats, and if you've never heard of Dudley Flats, all the more reason to tune in.

Episode 79 - Mary Maguire


Australia's forgotten movie star. Her adventures in Hollywood and elsewhere with guest Michael Adams.

Episode 78 - Catherine Dwyer - Bill Lustig


Catherine is directing a feature documentary on the history of women's liberation in Australia.

From the archives: a 2005 interview with filmmaker and DVD historian/producer Bill Lustig, who also happens to be the nephew of Jake La Motta.

Episode 77 - Amy Scott


Director of feature documentary Hal, which chronicles the amazing career of Hal Ashby (Shampoo, The Last Detail, Being There, etc).

Episode 76 - Jessica Redenbach / French Cinema


Australian filmmaker Jessica Redenbach demystifies the heroine’s journey, and Barrie Pattison looks at contemporary French Cinema.

Episode 75 - Daniel Scharf


Romper Stomper producer talks about his career highlights.

Episode 74 - Snub Pollard / William Castle


Melbourne born Snub Pollard was one of the biggest drawcards in the golden era of silent comedy. Playwright Kevin Summers explains why.

Gary Hillberg pays tribute to Hollywood premier schlockmeister William Castle.

Episode 73 - Australians in Hollywood


Stephen Vagg talks Australians in Hollywood.

Episode 72 - Steve Kearney


Founding member of Los Trios Ringbarkus, Hollywood survivor and producer of Oddball.

Episode 71 - Leanne Tonkes / Peter Gonzalez


Producer Leanne Tonkes speaks about The Second, her latest feature.

Brendan Young talks with cult actor Peter Gonzalez (Viva Max, Fellini's Roma)

Episode 70 - Cinematheques / Will Rogers


Barrie Pattison joins us today to take a look at the Cinematheque model of movie programming. We also discuss the film career of Will Rogers.

Episode 69 - A tribute to William Goldman


"Nobody knows anything".

That was veteran screenwriter William Goldman's mantra. Paul and Stephen Vagg examine his momentous career in detail.

Episode 68 - Rob Murphy


Can celluloid survive in the digital age? Rob Murphy's feature documentary, 7 years in the making, shows how film can survive. With guest David Kilderry discussing the art of projection.

Episode 67 - Rod Hardy


Veteran Australian Director Rod (Thirst) Hardy, has been based in Hollywood for 25 years with an impressive television resume.

Episode 66 - Film Buffs Live - Stan & Ollie


Paul Harris hosts a live discussion with Shaun Micallef and Tony Martin, discussing all things Stan & Ollie. Recorded live from the Film Buffs fundraiser event at the Sun Theatre in Yarraville.

Episode 65 - Clement Meadmore


Paul speaks with co-curators Dean Keep and Jerome Mavier about the landmark Melbourne exhibition on the designer-sculptor.

Episode 64 - 2018 Annual Industry Wrap-up


Panel discussion with David Kilderry (Lunar Drive-In), Krissa Jansson (Sun Theatre Yarraville), and Kristian Connelly (Nova, Carlton).

Episode 63 - Cameron Nugent / Ingmar Bergman


Melbourne actor turned director Cameron Nugent discusses his first American feature film starring J.K Simmons.

Gary Hillberg talks about the Swedish director Ingmar Bergman.

Episode 62- Her Majesty's Theatre / Woodfall Films


Frank Van Straten AM discusses the history of Melbourne's Her Majesty's Theatre which opened in 1880 and was once a film studio.

A discussion on the British production company famous for its gritty kitchen-sink cinema.

Episode 61 - Hugo Weaving / Russell Haig


Hugo Weaving discusses his latest movie project Mortal Engines and contrasts it to his small budget Australian film M4M (Measure for Measure). He’s also talks about being associated with Peter Jackson’s ‘Wellywood’ for over 25 years.

Russell Haig talks about his fascinating career trajectory, from architecture student at Melbourne Uni, to working with Stanley Kubrick on 2001 and A Clockwork Orange.

Episode 60 - Julian Costanzo / Sara Edwards / Kevin Trask


Julian Costanzo (Producer), and Sara Edwards (Editor), are the team behind Gatwick: Last Chance Hotel.

Showbiz veteran Kevin Trask talks about his lifelong love of movies.

Episode 59 - Nicholas Hammond / Spitfire


Nicholas talks about Lord of the Flies, Sound of Music, Spiderman, Quentin Tarantino's Manson movie and much more.

Justin King looks at the history of the Spitfire plane that changed the course of WWII as seen in the documentary of the same name.

Episode 58 - Paracinema / Pordenone


Ben Buckingham and Meg Donaldson discuss their newly inaugurated film festival Paracinema, and Barrie Pattison reports on Pordenone, the worlds pre-eminent event devoted entirely to silent cinema.

Episode 57 - Jill Bilcock / Jane Fonda


One of Australia's most respected film editors talks shop.

The Fonda family’s one-time political firebrand, and most versatile of actresses, is put under the microscope by the Film Buffs team.

Episode 56 - John D. Lamond / Catherine Scott


Extended tribute to pioneering ozploitation filmmaker John D. Lamond with interview and comments from Alan Finney, Michael Hirsh and Mark Hartley.

Catherine Scott, director of Backtrack Boys, talks all things doco.

Episode 55 - Steve Bisley / David Del Valle


Iconic Aussie actor Steve Bisley played Jim Goose in the original Mad Max and is preparing to direct his debut feature.

Hollywood correspondent David Del Valle talks about the art of the DVD commentary, Orson Welles, Luana Anders, Curtis Harrington and more!

Episode 54 - Operation Finale / Ralph Strasser


Mark Hartley and Gary Hillberg discuss the movies that focus on war criminal Adolph Eichmann including Operation Finale (Netflix)

Mark and I chat with veteran editor Ralph Strasser about his 40 year career from Swinburne Film School to working with Esben Storm. 

Episode 53 - Russell Mulcahy / Greg Dee


Music video maestro Mulcahy discusses his 40 year career which includes Razorback and Highlander.

Greg Dee, former manager of Channel 31, talks about his years at Swinburne film school and his trailblazing short "George and Needles". Plus a letter from Los Angeles with Stephen Vagg.

Episode 52 - Brendan Young Part 3 / Panos Cosmatos / Benjamin Gilmour


Conclusion of the 3-part interview with Brendan talking about feature docs and his Michael Pate project. 

Panos talks about his new feature 'Mandy', an instant cult success starring Nicolas Cage.

Ex-paramedic, self-taught filmmaker Gilmour goes undercover in Afghanistan with 'Jirga'.

Episode 51 - Mark Warner / Brendan Young Part 2


Mark Warner, a Hollywood film editor with a 40 year resume and an Oscar nominee (Driving Miss Daisy) talks about Ladies In Black.

Brendan talks about working with Alex Proyas, his feature project on film dubbing.

Episode 50 - Brendan Young / Burt Reynolds


50th edition

Brendan Young’s CV includes a diverse range of documentaries, music videos, commercials and short films. He grew up in inner-city Brunswick and was movie-struck at an early age making short films starring Nick Giannopoulos. He was offered an acting role in the original Mad Max and was more determined than ever to find a foothold in the industry. After returning to his hometown after a 30 year sojourn in Sydney Brendan has completed a 'proof of concept' 30 minute short film, The Widow starring Daniela Farinacci.

Mark Hartley and Paul, with the help of guest Brendan, pay tribute to Burt Reynolds, a prolific actor who reached the apex of his popularity only to see it slip from his grasp.

Episode 49 - Contemporary Korean Cinema / John Howard


Russell Edwards, expert on Korean cinema; and veteran Aussie actor John Howard. 

Episode 48 -  John Turner / Neil Simon


John talks about his epic tome on the history of Australian film societies. Paul and Gary Hillberg pay tribute to legendary Broadway playwright and screenwriter Neil Simon.

Episode 47 - Mark Joffe


Veteran Aussie director Mark (Spotswood) Joffe talks about his new feature documentary Jimmy Barnes: Working Class Boy, and other career highlights.

Episode 46 - Australian Filmmakers: Miranda Nation / Heath Davis

MIFF Specials - In The Land Of Wolves / Eurocrime 

Episode 45 - MIFF Specials - In The Land Of Wolves/Eurocrime

MIFF Specials - In The Land Of Wolves / Eurocrime 

Episode 44 - MIFF Specials - Mahogany / Restored Aussie Classic

Miff specials - Mahogany / Diana Ross

Restored Aussie classic: The Cheaters

Episode 43 - Jason Raftopolous / Alena Lodkina / Venice

Two new Aussie features West of Sunshine and Strange Colours both premiered at Venice Film Festival. We speak with both filmmakers.

Episode 42 - The Art of the Trailer / Australian Gothic

Veteran Aussie Director Brian Trenchard-Smith and Mark Hartley talk trailers: BTS directed hundreds and tells all.

Donna McRae discusses her second microbudget feature "Lost Gully Road", a supernatural thriller.

Episode 41 - Eurocrime at MIFF - Barrie Pattison on Phil Karlson

Eurocrime at MIFF. Barrie Pattison on Phil Karlson.

Episode 40 - Altered States / Occupation

Title fight between Ken Russell and Paddy Chayevsky plus a new Australian sci-fi thriller Occupation.

Episode 39 -  Jemma Van Loernen/ Barrrie Pattison

"Bam Bam" is a documentary on a muslim female fighter directed by Jemma Van Loernen. Barrie looks at the history of foreign films in Australia.

Episode 38  - Stefan Duscio - Upgrade: Hedy Lamaar - Bombshell

One of Australian cinemas leading cinematographers Stefan Duscio has 10 features including sci-thriller Upgrade to his name.

Gary Hillberg talks about Hedy Lamaar, the screen legend who in her spare time invented Bluetooth and wi-fi.

Episode 37 - Charles Walters / Ron Blaskett

The unheralded king of MGM musicals, Charles Walters revolutionised the genre. Paul talks with Stephen Vagg about his career - and from the archives a rare 1997 interview with ventriloquist/entertainer Ron Blaskett.


Episode 36 - Clayton Jacobson

The creator of Kenny talks about his career, side projects, movie politics and his latest feature project with brother Shane.


Episode 35 - St Kilda Film Festival (behind the scenes) - Laurence Harvey

What makes a film festival tick? How do you construct a pop-up cinema from scratch? What is 'industry development'? and a discussion with a veteran DIY film maker.
Stephen Vagg on the forgotten film star Laurence Harvey.


Episode 34 - Anthony Hayes

One of Australia's most prolific and versatile actors (and occasional director) Queensland-born Anthony Hayes first came to prominence in the 1998 ensemble drama The Boys and his diverse CV includes
Look Both Ways (2005),The Square (2008),Animal Kingdom (2010),War Machine (2017) and Cargo (2018). He speaks candidly about his career in an extended interview.


Episode 33 - Swinburne Alumni / Herschells / Brian Kavanagh

Steven J. Tandy and Lauren Broeren are both Swinburne Film School alumni. Stevens short The Story starring Tim rogers premieres at the 2019 St Kilda Film Festival (SKFF).
Broeren directed Mr. Herschell, Australia's forgotten film pioneer. 
Brian Kavanagh, veteran director-editor, started his career at Herschells in 1954 and discusses the Australian film industry of the 1950's and beyond.


Episode 32 - Shaun Miller / Michael Anderson

Entertainment lawyer/producer Miller lifts the lid on the Australian Film Industry.
Stephen Vagg pays tribute to the director Michael Anderson (Dam Busters, Logans Run) who died at the age of 98.


Episode 31 - Cannes / Sam Spiegel

James Hewison, former director of Melbourne International Film Festival takes a critical look at the complex ecosystem of the Cannes Film Festival.
Gary Hillberg talks about the legendary producer Sam Spiegel who worked with giants (Lean, Welles, Kazan) in a meteoric career.


Episode 30 - Ray Argall / Midnight Oil 1984

Ray Argall discusses his latest documentary feature on the oils and his 40 year career including the early days of music videos.


Episode 29 - Film Restoration - Cinema Reborn

Geoffrey Gardner, former director of the Melbourne Film Festival and Clyde Jeavons, ex curator at the British Film Institutes National Film Archive, discuss the history of film restoration.


Episode 28 - Eddie Martin

Documentary film maker Eddie Martin specialises in stories of societies underdogs. His latest project Have You Seen The Listers? is a raw, emotionally compelling portrait of Brisbane born Anthony Lister, straddling the worlds of graffiti and fine art.


Episode 27 -  Michael Curtiz/ Anatole Litvak

Freelance writer - filmmaker Barrie Pattison lifts the lid off old Hollywood as he discusses the careers of veteran directors Michael Curtiz and Anatole Litvak


Episode 26 -  Stewart Faichney

The veteran actor-producer-writers career stretches back over 48 years, encompassing stage, television and film. He talks candidly about the ups and downs of a jobbing actor's profession and his work with director Dean Murphy, most recently on the currently screening That's Not My Dog.


Episode 25 - Mark Goldblatt, Post-Oscars grumble: John Gavin - Laird Cregar

Veteran Hollywood editor Mark Goldblatt talks about his lengthy career which began working for Roger Corman.

Our L.A correspondent Stephen Vagg talks about Oscars (briefly) and the careers of John Gavin and Laird Cregar.


Episode 24 - Stephen Sondheim/ David Donaldson

Actor Martin Crewes talks about WAAPA, his adventures in musical theatre and Resident Evil in a free ranging conversation with co-hosts Paul Harris and Mark Hartley


Episode 23 - Stephen Sondheim/ David Donaldson

Legendary composer lyricist Stephen Sondheim's career is discussed by musical theatre experts Peter Kemp and Gary Hillberg.

Film historian David Donaldson looks at his magnificent obsessions - A 'lost' Aussie film Captain Thunderbolt and the career of Australia's first Hollywood director, the legendary J.P McGowan.


Episode 22 -  Dorothy Malone/ Vanessa Redgrave

Film Buff regulars Peter Kemp and Gary Hillbery discuss the careers of the recently deceased Dorothy Malone and octogenarian icon Vanessa Redgrave.


Episode 21 -  Women In Horror - British Movie Memories

Key creative behind the short horror thriller Liz Drives, director (and make-up artist) Mia Kate Russell and co-star, co-producer Sophia Davey talk about their interest in the horror genre.

Veteran English stage and screen actress Sidonie Bond discusses working with director John Schlesinger on Darling (1965) and other highlights of a career spanning 60 years.


Episode 20 -  Al Clark/ Stephen Vagg

Our L.A correspondent Stephen Vagg looks at Oscar season, a book about the 'Creature' trilogy and Hollywood on Hollywood Movies. Veteran producer Al 'Swinging Safari' Clark talks about his career.


Episode 19 -  Peninsula Film Festival - Confessions Of A Movie Collector

Actor Steve Bastoni, founder of the Peninsula Film Festival talks about the event, his career and addresses the issue of 'inappropriate behaviour' in the arts.
Barrie Pattison talks about his lifelong passion of movie collecting just as celluloid gives way to digital.


Episode 18 - Robert Forster

Jim Bridges, founder of the Australian Cartoon Museum, talks about the history of cartooning in Australia and beyond.
Gary Hillberg analyses Agatha Christie screen adaptations with reference to the Branagh version of Murder On The Orient Express and provides a detailed overview on Hollywood fashion designer Edith Head's career with regard to the current exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery.


Episode 17 - Robert Forster

In a lengthy career interview conducted by Paul Harris and Mark Hartley in 2001 actor Robert Forster looks back at his  astounding career that began in 1966 with Reflections in A Golden Eye, directed by John Huston, with Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor and Haskell Wexler's Medium Cool (1969). He also worked with George Cukor, Robert Mulligan,Richard Fletcher,Lewis Teague, Menahem Golan, Jess Franco, Bert I. Gordon, Gus Van Sant and, most famously, Quentin Tarantino (Jackie Brown).


Episode 16 - The Year In Review / Stephen Vagg's Letter from L.A

Paul Harris is joined by a panel of industry pundits including Kristian Connelly (Nova Cinemas), David Kilderry (Luna Drive-Ins) and Michael Smith who are still recovering from the shock waves of recent Disney's acquisition of Fox and take a critical view of  the year's industry trends .Stephen Vagg speaks about John Carpenter's Halloween concert,a Shane Black  Q and A and reviews a book on Hollywood agent to the (closeted) stars,Henry Willson .


Episode 15 - Mamba: Vintage Movie Presentation/ Stephen Vaggs Letter From L.A

Paul Brennan, Sydney based archivist-distributor-exhibitor tells the amazing story of how he rescued a previously lost early Technicolor Hollywood feature film that dates back to the dawn of sound.

Stephen Vagg looks at the career of Sherryl Lansing, former actress who rose to become Paramounts production head.  


Episode 14 - Production Designer Robbie Perkins/ Serials Expert Geoff Mayer

Robbie Perkins was this week given a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Australian Production Designers Guild and we felt it only fitting to chat with him about his extraordinary career in film and television which goes back over half a century.

Prolific author-academic-film buff Geoff Mayer has written the definitive history of the Hollywood serial, running over 350 pages. His insightful exploration illustrates how Lucas and Spielberg spent their childhoods at kids' matinees gaining inspiration for the likes of Lost Ark and Star Wars.


Episode 13 - The Butterly Tree: Dogs In Space

Writer-director Priscilla Cameron talks about her debut feature The Butterfly Tree, nearly a decade in the planning. Industry veteran Kim Lewis, unit manager on Dogs In Space (1986), chews the fat on the legendary punk movie.


Episode 12 - Auteurs: Arthur Penn

Part 2 of the discussion between John Flaus and Barrett Hodsdon, the author of "The Allusive Auteur"; on cinephilia Gary Hilberg overviews Hollywood maverick Arthur Penn.
Simone Ubaldi asks the question: can films change and influence society? and comes up with some surprising answers.


Episode 11 - The Elusive Auteur

Part One of a 3 hour plus discussion between veteran cinephiles John Flaus and Barrett Hodsdon. Barrett is the author of the groundbreaking book "The Elusive Auteur" which describes "how the auteur designation has evolved from stylistic criterion to product label".


Episode 10 - Universal's Australian Chief and An Englishman Abroad

Versatile Englishman Patrick Edgeworth emigrated to Australia in 1969 and quickly established himself as a working actor turned writer working in television and film (Crawfords, Cash and Company which he co-created, Raw Deal and BMX Bandits). He wrote the play Boswell For The Defence and the recent stage musical Georgy Girl.

South African born Mike Baard is the managing director of Universal Pictures and has worked in the film industry for over 30 years. He shares his fascinating life experiences in distribution.


Episode 09 - Netflix and Other Things

On Episode 9 Paul and Mark speak with Australian director Zak Hilditch who has realised his dream to adapt a Stephen King story for the screen with 1922, based on a King novella, which airs internationally on Netflix. And speaking of Netflix their acquisitions were very much in evidence at the recent Fantastic Fest which took place in Austin,Texas. Our guest Michael Helms was there and gives us the rundown.


Episode 08 - Horror Movie Right There On My TV - Greetings from L.A

Special guest Gary Doust is one of Australia's leading documentary filmmakers, famed for his observational approach. His latest feature, Horror Movie: A Low Budget Nightmare, is a fly-on-the-wall chronicle of the shoot on a low budget horror thriller directed by Craig Anderson (Craig was one of the 6 actors who pursued his dream in Hollywood in Gary's series Next Stop Hollywood). We also speak with Hollywood correspondent Stephen Vagg.


Episode 07 - Innuendo...

Innuendo is a low budget, independently produced psychological thriller shot in Melbourne locations and in Finland! Paul speaks with the film's lead actor Brendan Bacon and associate producer Charley Harrison. Mark Harley and Paul shoot the breeze with Jeff Harrison, managing director of Umbrella Entertainment. His eventful career began flogging import records on the Monash University campus in the early 1970's. 20 years later he was running the legendary Gaslight Records in Melbourne's city centre before segueing into video, DVD and theatrical distribution.


Episode 06 - Australian Film Festivals and Hollywood Musicals

The history of film festivals in Australia is a fascinating subject and Kirsten Stevens has extensively researched a story that stretches back half a centurion in her new book Australian Film Festivals. Genre experts Peter Kemp and Gary Hillberg analyse what happened to the Hollywood musical in the 1960's, a creature under threat from all directions.


Episode 05 - Furie-Marx-DeMille

Writer-director-historian Daniel Kremer profiles the prolific career of one of the cinema's most critically neglected visual stylists Sidney J. Furie. Frank Ferrante, Groucho Marx impersonator and expert on the Marx Brothers joins us and the final of the 4-part interview with Kevin Brianton on his book Hollywood Divided.


Episode 04 - Wolf Creek, Jungle and the Secret Lives of Projectionists

From Wolf Creek to Jungle, director Greg McLean talks about shedding the horror film typecast and the pressures of filming in Columbia. Ken Parfrey on the secret lives of film projectionists. And part three of the interview with Kevin Brianton about his book Hollywood Divided. 


Episode 03 - Dead Divas, and Dumpster Diving for Ken Burns

Jeff Daniels' documentary career began as a dumpster diver for Ken Burns. He joins Paul Harris to discuss his latest film Fair Game which explores racism in Australian football. Filmmaker Gary Hillberg reviews two films about dead divas. And part two of our conversation with Kevin Brianton, author of Hollywood Divided.


Episode 02 - That’s Not Me, Tobe Hooper and Hollywood Divided

Gregory Erdstein and Alice Foulcher discuss their debut feature film That’s Not Me. Filmmakers slash Death Watchers Mark Hartley and Jamie Blanks celebrate the work of the late Tobe Hooper.  Plus part one of a special series of interviews with Kevin Brianton who explores the dark days of cinema in his book Hollywood Divided: The 1950 Screen Directors Guild Meeting.


Episode 01 - Jerry Lewis remembered and Tangerine Dream documented

Paul Harris is joined by filmmakers Mark Hartley and Gary Hillberg for an exploration of the music of Tangerine Dream. And Jerry Lewis aficionado Alan Finney remembers one of cinema’s true greats.


Episode 00 - The Return of Film Buffs Forecast

Film Buffs Forecast is Australia’s longest running film show.  For 30 years it aired weekly on Melbourne public radio station 3RRR. Now it begins a new chapter. Recorded at Cinema 9 Studios at the Sun Theatre in downtown Yarraville, Paul Harris will bring you a collection of in-depth interviews, film reviews, insider gossip (c’mon, we know you love it) and lots of lame puns. Previous guests have included Martin Scorsese, Melanie Griffith, Jane Campion, Jack Nicholson, Wim Wenders, Tom Cruise, Gillian Armstrong and Kevin Costner.